Question: Does Master Chief Poop?

How much does Halo Spartan armor cost?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 million dollars..

How does Master Chief go to the bathroom?

He has a catheter, which is essentially a tube in the urethra to drain urine.

How many humans died on Reach?

Out of the 39 billion humans that Catherine Halsey estimated in the early 2500s, 23 billion had died due in the Covenant War after the Fall of Reach, with an unknown number of casualties during the Battle of Earth, though we do know that only 120 million of the 10 billion that made up Earth’s population remained after …

Why did gravemind help Master Chief?

Though the Arbiter does not accept the truth immediately, Gravemind sends the Master Chief to the Covenant city High Charity and the Arbiter to the Halo’s control room in order to stop the deluded Covenant from killing all sentient life a second time. Though he promises an alliance, Gravemind has ulterior motives.

It may have grown with the series but when the first game became popular so did he. … As such, we all made our own view of him based on the few things he said, his appearance (his armour) and the game itself. As the series progressed his character showed more in the games and more people became familiar with the books.

Will we ever see Master Chief’s face?

343 Industries, the developer charged with continuing the Halo franchise now Bungie has left it behind, isn’t ready to show the world Master Chief’s face. … Despite being well-described in the fiction, fans have never actually seen Master Chief’s face in any official Halo image or movie. But he has taken his helmet off.

Does Master Chief have emotions?

They do have emotions. … Master Chief was super emotional though the way he showed it was very subtle. Also spartans have accepted death and how it probably come in a battle.

Is Master Chief a girl?

Master Chief is a male named John. Read the book, The Fall of Reach.

Does Master Chief have PTSD?

Yes, he definitely does.

What makes Master Chief so special?

he’s special because he’s lucky(read the books), he’s a spartan II(they are tougher), and because he has more experience. also, he didn’t fight on reach. he fought above reach in a space dock but not on reach.

Does Master Chief ever eat?

You’d think he needs a lot of food to keep his body going because of the augmentation and carrying around the MJOLNIR armour. We know he eats, we have seen it a few times in the books. …

How do Spartans poop?

As such, all they have is their small intestine and can only produce liquid waste. We know Spartan-IVs are augmented to utilize nutrients more efficiently, effectively cutting down on waste production. … The waste is then broken down by nanotechnology and used as recycled energy for the suit.

How old is the Master Chief?

6yHalo: The Master Chief Collection/Age

What happened to the Covenant after Halo 3?

The Covenant got destroyed in Halo 3. … Most Elites left the covenant and fought against them, aiding the UNSC. The Elites leave the Covenant as the Prophets give their place to the Brutes, so feel betrayed. In Halo 3, when you kill the Prophet of Truth, that makrs the end of the Covenant.