Quick Answer: Did Austin Bayles Break His Ankle?

Does Jerry make it to mat?

Early in Season One, stunter Jerry Harris doesn’t make mat—the equivalent in some other sports to the starting lineup—but he stands on the sidelines passionately cheering (“mat talking”) his fellow cheerleaders.

Thanks to the explosive popularity of the show, Harris has become something of a professional mat talker..

Did Jerry go back to Navarro?

After spending the fall semester at the Kentucky school, where he was also a member of the Cardinals’ cheerleading squad, Jerry returned to Navarro in January. “Back and better than ever,” he captioned one post, while writing on another that he was ready “for round 3 with my family.”

Did Austin break his ankle in cheer?

Fans of the inspiring 6-episode series know all too well that during the squad’s performance, Austin Bayles injured his ankle and the team had to abruptly stop the routine and bring in another athlete to take his place.

Why is Jerry back at Navarro?

I wanted to be where it was home for me, so I reached out to Monica seeing if she had any room for me and she did. So I decided to make the decision myself to come back and just live my life and just be somewhere where I wanted to be.

Is Gabi Butler single?

The star has actually been dating American footballer Jordan Brooks-Wess for some time now and has already posted about their relationship on her Instagram , which already boasts over 1 million followers.

Where is Gabi Butler now?

After the winning season depicted in Cheer, Butler originally decided not to return to Navarro College in 2020, instead cheering for Top Gun 005 in Florida. However, on Feb. 6, she announced on Instagram she returned to Navarro for her third and final year.

Does Navarro win 2020?

It won its division—the division that’s just Navarro and TVCC—but came in second in the overall competition, to grand national champions Texas Tech. The Navarro team still got its trophy, still got to run into the ocean at Daytona—a post-win tradition—and they got a triumphant ending for the documentary series.

Did Navarro cheer win 2020?

The Navarro Cheer team was disappointed to miss out on the championship. La’Darius Marshall, one of the standout personalities from the Netflix series, wrote an Instagram post about ending his cheer career. “This isn’t goodbye Navarro 2020, it’s see you later,” Marshall wrote.

How much is Gabi Butler worth?

Gabi has an estimated net worth of $13 million.

What happened Navarro cheer?

Because of this pandemic, the Navarro Cheer team’s season has come to an end. Sunday evening Varsity made a decision to cancel the NCA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, FL. This decision was inevitable as things have progressed and our country is in uncertain times.

What happened at Navarro cheer?

Navarro Cheer released a statement early Friday morning, hours after Jerry Harris, star of the Netflix docuseries “Cheer,” which chronicled the Texas cheerleading team’s journey to a national competition, was arrested and charged for production of child pornography.

What happened to Sherbs on cheer?

At the end of Netflix’s third episode of “Cheer,” the Navarro cheerleading team accidentally tossed Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn into the air and then, for reasons not explained on the documentary, nobody was there to catch her. She hit the floor, hard, and wound up dislocating her elbow.

Is Gabi Butler still at Navarro?

After Weeks of Speculation, Cheer’s Gabi Butler Just Announced She’s Returning to Navarro. … On Monday, Gabi confirmed via Instagram that she’s back for another season with Coach Monica Aldama and the rest of the national champion Bulldog squad.

What does Fiofmu mean in cheer?

Fight it out fDespite the social media craze from Cheer fans, there have been few clues as to what “FIOFMU” actually stands for. A definition on Urban Dictionary that has since been removed claimed it stands for “Fight it out f*** ’em up,” but for now, at least, the Navarro College team members aren’t offering much explanation.

Why did Lexi get kicked off cheer?

At the end of the competitive season, Brumback was kicked off the team after illegal substances were found in a car she was in with friends. In January, shortly after the series premiered on Netflix, she revealed on Instagram that she had returned to Navarro to cheer with their team once again.

Is Lexi back on Navarro cheer?

That’s largely because the final scenes revealed that one of the show’s most endearing and talented subjects, Lexi Brumback, had been kicked off the Navarro cheerleading team. But Lexi shared on Thursday that she’s back at Navarro as a cheerleader!

How old is Gabi Butler?

22 years (January 16, 1998)Gabi Butler/Age