Are Frampt And Kaathe The Same?

Where can I meet Kaathe?

Kaathe can be found near The Abyss bonfire after you have defeated The Four Kings, provided that you haven’t yet placed the Lordvessel on the Firelink Altar.

He also appears if you have not yet retrieved the Lordvessel..

Can you still warp after placing the Lordvessel?

Players still have the ability to warp, even after placing the Lordvessel. The Lordvessel itself acts as a bonfire after being placed, and will grant Estus according to how many Lord Souls have been added to it.

Can I talk to Frampt after Kaathe?

Kaathe will still appear so long as you do NOT put the lordvessel on the shrine. If you talk to Frampt and he pulls you down, just kill yourself or use a homeward bone and you’ll be back at the last bonfire you were at (so rest at firelink first). … Frampt will permanently be gone as soon as you speak to Kaathe.

What happened to Frampt?

That’s Frampt. The Ringed City was created by Gwyn’s people, and then gifted to the pygmy kings. … As the Ringed City became lost to time, and somehow was pulled lower into the world, whatever happened to Frampt isn’t known, nor is it known why the Ringed City was submerged.

Why is Frampt asleep?

Usage. He will relate to the player their destiny, as well as other story-related information. He may be asleep when you approach him but you may wake him by attacking him once. Alternatively, jump down the hole to the Firelink Chamber (you suffer no damage) then warp back to the Firelink Shrine and he should be awake.

Should I place the Lordvessel?

The Lordvessel must be placed in Firelink Altar, to gain access to the areas sealed by the Great Lord. … The Lordvessel can also be placed by jumping into the hole in Firelink Shrine, after you obtain it, but at the expense of betraying both of the Serpents.

What happens when you feed Titanite chunks to Frampt?

When you “feed” Frampt a titanite chunk he just uses his big-ass teeth to break it into smaller pieces for you. For some reason I used to think that when you feed Frampt some titanite it was like a trade; you give him a titanite chunk and in return he’ll give you two large titanite shards.

What happens if you kill the bird in Dark Souls?

Attacking the Crow enough will prompt it to fly away, however it will return and continue to transport the Chosen Undead. It is impossible to kill the Giant Crow without mods. However, using mods to kill the Crow yields 5,000 souls. The crow also has no death animation.

What happens if you kill Frampt and Kaathe?

Hitting him once with your weapon will wake him. You can not kill Kingseeker Frampt, but he will disappear if you continue to attack him. Frampt will also disappear if you side with the other Primordial Serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe. If this does happen, you can still continue your quest by jumping down his hole.

Can you kill Kaathe?

Kaathe, Frampt, and the Crow all have health bars, but cannot be killed by legitimate means. They will simply retreat out of harm’s way.

Why does Frampt serve the dark lord?

They bow to you in the Dark Lord ending because they are among the last creatures of significance to be alive at the moment, so they need to pretend subservience until another undead comes around to gank you for your souls.

How do I keep my Frampt and Kaathe?

After obtaining the Lordvessel, talk to Frampt and he’ll take you down to the Firelink Altar. Instead of placing it on the altar, simply Homeward/Homeward Bone out. Then, after defeating the Four Kings and talking to Kaathe, do the same thing. Have him take you down to the altar and Homeward out.

How do you unlock Kaathe?

After defeating the Four Kings, Darkstalker Kaathe will appear in The Abyss. He allows you to join the Darkwraith Covenant. If you have not obtained the Lordvessel yet, you can kill Ingward instead to get the key, however be sure to buy his Cure Curse spell beforehand.

Should I side with Frampt or Kaathe?

Siding with Frampt or Kaathe will not actually affect the ending; their dialogue may influence you in the choice made after defeating the final boss (and, having defeated them, you MUST make a choice and can’t continue the current playthrough).

Is Kaathe lying?

Yep, that’s it. Kaathe was lying to darkwraiths the entire time, about everything. The Pygmy (assumed to be Manus)was not against the other gods; he was on their side, or at least neutral.

Can you feed Kaathe items?

User Info: Jenna Tonta I’m told that once the player meets and speaks to Kaathe in the Abyss, Frampt will never speak to the player again. Once this happens, you can no longer feed Frampt items in exchange for souls.

Should I Feed Frampt?

You can sell him all normal soul shards for 500; therefore, feeding Frampt Soul of a Lost Undead and Large Soul of a Lost Undead (worth 200 and 400 souls respectively) is more beneficial than consuming them directly.

Who should I give the Lordvessel to?

If you give the Lordvessel to Kaathe, he’ll let you join the Darkwraith Covenant, something he will not let you do if you give the Lordvessel to Frampt. Giving the Lordvessel to Kaathe will also make Frampt disappear for the rest of the game. Your choice!

How do I talk to Frampt?

You can actually talk to Frampt, you just cannot place the lordvessel. You can for example Talk to Frampt, have him (force) transport you to the Firelink Altar, then homeward bone out of there.