Quick Answer: How Did Buck Get The Better Of Perrault And Francois?

Who is Buck’s new owner after Perrault and Francois?

Buck’s initial owner is Judge Miller, but unfortunately, Buck is stolen by Judge Miller’s gardener, Manuel, and is briefly owned by a “man with a red sweater.” Buck is then sold to Francois and Perrault, under which Buck becomes a skillful sled dog..

What did buck constantly struggle with?

Buck constantly challenges Spitz’s authority and uses every chance he can to undermine Spitz’s authority. London writes that it was “inevitable that the fight for leadership should come.” Buck’s pride is such that he does not like to be subservient to any dog — most of all to Spitz.

Why does Buck continue to steal?

According to the text, how and why does Buck continue to steal? Cite textual evidence. 2. … Buck learns to steal “secretly and cunningly, out of respect for club and fang.” The text states that Buck did not steal for joy, but rather to stop his hunger.

What happened to Dave at the end of Chapter 4?

Dave, a dog in the group, becomes sick, but wants to keep running with the team. He tries, but he is too weak. As the dogs leave Dave behind, they hear a gunshot and know that Dave has been killed.

What does Buck learn from watching the other dogs eat?

What did Buck learn about eating with the other dogs and why was it necessary? Buck was not used to having others take his food before he could finish it but he learned to eat quickly and even to steal food. … Buck saw Pike steal bacon and he learned how to steal food also.

What caused Spitz and Buck to finally fight?

11. Discuss what caused the final battle between Buck and Spitz. Spitz killed a rabbit that Buck was going to kill, because of this Buck went after Spitz and killed him.

What happens after Buck kills Spitz?

Buck is attacked by three huskies at once, and his head and shoulders are slashed; even as he fights the wild dogs, Spitz continues to nip at him. Eventually, outnumbered, the sled dogs run out onto the frozen lake and regroup in the woods. … Francois kills the mad dog with an ax, and Buck is left exhausted from running.

Who invades the camp at night and fights with Buck and his team?

One of the other dogs named Spitz, the team leader, becomes Buck’s enemy. In order to survive, Buck becomes less like a pet and more like a wild dog. There were no roads and no electricity, and the group traveled by sled through ice and snow. At night, they camped out in the snow.

What leadership qualities does Buck reveal?

Expert Answers preeminently cunning, and could bide his time with a patience that was nothing less than primitive. Buck’s innate strength and cunning serve him well because the club has knocked much of the “rashness” from him, so he can be patient.

Why did Buck hate Spitz so much?

Why does Buck hate Spitz? Spitz is mean….he laughed about Curly’s death, attacked Buck, and stole Buck’s hiding hole.

Who was Buck’s original owner?

Judge MillerBuck’s original owner is Judge Miller, in Santa Clara California. Buck is kidnapped by Manuel, and sold on the black market to people sending dogs to the Alaska Gold Rush. Buck is bought by Perrault and Francois, defeats Spitz to become Perrault and Francois’ lead dog.

Why was buck taken away from California?

buck wandered off the farm and was captured. c. judge miller sold him because he was broke.

Why does Buck kill the moose?

London’s purpose in having Buck kill the wolverines and his stalking and killing the moose is to let the reader know that Buck has now totally mastered the ways of the wilderness; from now on, Buck will be able to survive in the wild without any help from human beings.

Why did the drivers consider it a mercy to let Dave die while pulling the sled?

Also, they held it a mercy, since Dave was to die anyway, that he should die in the traces, heart-easy and content. So he was harnessed in again, and proudly he pulled as of old, though more than once he cried out involuntarily from the bite of his inward hurt.

How did Francois and Perrault respond when Buck kills Spitz?

How do François and Perrault respond when they discover that Buck has killed Spitz? … They were happy because Spitz had been causing trouble and fights with the other dogs.

Why did Francois and Perrault leave Buck?

For three days, Perrault and François brag about their accomplishments, and “the team [is] the constant center of a worshipful crowd of dog busters and mushers.” New orders, however, come to the kindly drivers, François and Perrault, and “like other men, they are forced to accept new assignments, and so they leave …

What does Francois bring to Buck to make his life easier?

Buck was in such pain that he refused to move when François offered him his ration of fish. As a solution, François ends up sacrificing the tops of his moccasins to make four moccasins for Buck to wear on the trial. François also rubs Buck’s feet for a half an hour each night after supper to alleviate his pain.

Which quality of bucks is most impressive to Francois and Perrault?

The men note that, with Buck at the helm, a journey which used to take ten days is done in one. Thus, Buck’s superior leadership skills and canine instincts earn him the admiration of both Perrault and Francois.

Why did the dog team become unruly?

As the sled-dog team continues its journey to Dawson, Buck shows no fear of Spitz. Once, Buck comes between Spitz and another dog Spitz was picking a fight with. Buck’s mutiny against Spitz causes the entire dog team to get unruly.

What does the conflict in this excerpt reveal about Buck and Francois?

What does the conflict in this excerpt reveal about Buck and Francois? Manuel is the antagonist because he is altering the protagonist’s fate. … The man is the antagonist because he is opposing Buck.

Who bought Buck?

Buck is first bought by an unnamed stranger at a flag station. Next, he is shipped to Seattle, where he is sold to Francois and Perrault, his first…