Question: Do Costa Sunglasses Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Is Costa sunglasses owned by Oakley?

Big changes are coming to sunglass brand Costa as a result of the merger of parent company Essilor with sunglass giant Luxottica.

The merger in 2018 brought brands such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Costa, a host of licensed brands and retailer Sunglass Hut under one corporate umbrella..

Will Costa replace scratched lenses?

Costa will replace scratched lenses one time and in the identical form (material, color, coatings and prescription) as originally purchased. Costa Rx sunglass lenses and frames must be returned to your Eye Care Practitioner for limited warranty service. Proof of purchase is required.

How much does it cost to replace Costa lenses?

$101 total to replace the lens, no charge for the frames and the processing fee.

Are Costa sunglasses made in China?

Costa produces frames in one of four countries (Japan, Taiwan, Mauritius, China), depending on who specializes in particular materials and construction. Pairs like Corbina and Blackfin are made in Taiwan because of their s… see more. … see less I got this from the costa del mar website.

Is VIP sun shades real?

Nick Cileli doesn’t recommend VIP Sunglasses. This is a complete fraud. They shipped what looks like a fake Maui Jim sunglasses with lenses that don’t even match and completely unwearable. … Avoid company at all costs, company is a pure fraud.

How much does it cost to repair Costa sunglasses?

Costa has a lifetime warranty in case of any defects in parts or materials, even if it’s been years since you purchased them. It costs $11.95 to ship them back and have them replaced or repaired under warranty. 2.

How long does it take for Costa to repair sunglasses?

three weeksHow long does it take to have my Costas returned back to me after submitting a warranty claim or repair? The average turnaround on is three weeks. The fastest way for you to get back on the water is to preapprove the warranty processing fee or any repair costs during the online warranty claim or repair order.

Why Maui Jim sunglasses are so expensive?

Maui Jim also uses glass in many of their styles. Glass lenses are the best optical clarity and the most scratch resistant. But since the material is harder to work with and rarer nowadays, it is more expensive. Being glass adds another $60 or so to the price point as an upgrade over other brand lenses.

What do fake Costa sunglasses look like?

Look at the logo on the glasses. Real Costa Del Mar glasses have a clear logo that is shaped like a wave and forms a C. Fakes may have the logo wrong. Alternatively, the logo will not be edged well or it will not seem an appropriate size for the glasses.

What does 580 mean on Costa sunglasses?

Costa established themselves as one of the top brands for sunglasses with their 580 lenses, named after the wavelengths of blue light they were designed to filter. Costa was also the first to feature light enhancing technology for their polarized lenses.

Who bought Costa sunglasses?

Costa was bought in 2014 by Essilor, a French company that in 2018 merged with Italian company Luxottica. The company said Friday that Costa will be integrated into Luxottica’s profile.

Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Toothpaste marketed as non-abrasive still contains a small amount of an abrasive component, in order to be effective for cleaning the teeth. This abrasive component gently removes a thin layer of plastic from the lens, thus leveling out the surface and removing scratches.

How do you get scratches out of Costa sunglasses?

“What you do is apply a small amount of baking soda-based toothpaste to a cotton ball and rub it into the scratch. Move the cotton ball around in a circular motion for a few seconds and rinse the toothpaste off with cool water. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any moisture or toothpaste.

Can you fix scratches on polarized sunglasses?

When fixing scratches on polarized plastic lenses; … Use a thin coat of petroleum jelly or scratch removing polish onto the entire lens. One can also opt to use non-abrasive white toothpaste, car wax or furniture polishes. Rub the polish gently in a circular motion on the lens using a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Are Costa sunglasses any good?

Costa sunglasses are durable. Their 580G glass lens makes them stand out against all the rest and they’re the most durable lenses that Costa makes. For those long days out on the water, these lenses are perfect because you won’t have to worry about getting any scratches on the lens when you wipe the salt water off.

Which is better Costa or Oakley?

Oakley makes their lenses in a better way but costa lenses are still high quality. I think the biggest advantage costa has is the option for glass lenses. Oakley is geared more toward sport/athletic so the polycarbonate is preferred in that regard but glass is far more scratch resistant.

Are there fake Costa sunglasses?

The main way to verify if your Costa Sunglasses are real is by looking for etching on the top right corner. Depending on the lens you bought, different etchings will appear.

Where do I send my Costa Sunglasses for repair?

For information concerning Costa’s Repair Program for Out of Warranty Damage, including applicable fees, visit or call 1-855-COSTARX. Costa Rx sunglass lenses and frames must be returned to your Eye Care Practitioner for Repair Program service.