Question: What Does Seductress Mean?

What is a femme fatale meaning?

1 : a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations.

2 : a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery..

How can I look sexually attractive?

Beauty and the geek: Scientifically proven ways to become more attractive to menPut on a red dress. … No dress? … Flash him your smile. … Reward a guy with laughter. … Subtly mimic him. … Hit the high notes. … Hips don’t lie. … Keep the waterworks to a minimum.More items…•

What does BELD mean?

beld in American English (beld) adjective. Scot. bald; hairless. Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC.

Is seductive a bad word?

A gorgeous day could seduce you from doing your homework. … Seduce means something close to attract, beguile, tempt, and mislead. The word often has romantic overtones, but it doesn’t have to: a clever criminal could seduce someone into a life of crime.

What is a seductive woman called?

femme fatale. An alluring and seductive woman, especially one who leads men into compromising and dangerous situations.

How do you know if your seductive?

Signs You Are Seductive You receive a lot of drunken calls from your colleagues and friends, as most people are quite frank and open while they are intoxicated. If you quite frequently get compliments from the opposite gender on your eyes.

What are some seductive words?

WORDS RELATED TO SEDUCTIVEbeguiling.bewitching.captivating.charming.enticing.magnetic.seductive.tempting.More items…

What does seduce mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty. 2 : to lead astray usually by persuasion or false promises. 3 : to carry out the physical seduction of : entice to sexual intercourse.

What is a Seductor?

(sɪˈdʌktə) n. a person, usually a man, who seduces.

What does it mean when someone is seductive?

Seductive is an adjective that describes the fascinating magnetic pull that someone or something has, an attractive quality that tempts you in some way. The word comes from the Latin seducere, meaning “draw aside.” When someone draws your attention aside from whatever you’re doing, that is a seductive person. …