Quick Answer: Who Is Older Ganesha And Murugan?

Why Kartikeya is not Worshipped?

Why is Lord Muruga not worshipped in North India as much as in TN.

As per the popular story, after he lost to his brother Ganesha in a race, he got angry and came to “Palani” (in Tamil Nadu – the place is named after the story where Parvati tries to pacify him) and settled there..

Who is bigger Ganesh or Kartikeya?

The elder was Kartikeya and the younger Ganesha. In South India Kartikeya is popularly known as Lord Subramanya. Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati had two sons named Kartikeya (Kartika) and Ganesha (Vinayaka). The elder was Kartikeya and the younger Ganesha.

Who is Ganesha’s sister?

GauriGauri is an avatar of Ma Parvati, mother of Lord Ganesha. However, in Maharashtra, it is believed that Gauri is Ganesha’s sister who comes to visit him.

Why ladies are not allowed in Kartikeya temple?

The temple, which worships the brahmachari or celibate form of Lord Kartikeya in Pushkar, does not allow women over a myth that the deity curses females who enter the temple. Lord Annappa Swamy temple at Dharmasthala near Mangalore also prohibits women from entering the temple.

Who is more powerful Ganesha or Kartikeya?

One can’t say who is more powerful. And that is the answer even as we read Karthikeya took the support of Lord Ganesha when he got married to Valli. The reason is from our human perspective both represent the Higher Power. … Both Lord Ganesha as well as Lord Karthikeya radiate this unconditional love.

Who is the daughter of Lord Shiva?

AshokasundariAshokasundari (Sanskrit: अशोकसुन्दरी, Aśokasundarī) is a Hindu goddess and the daughter of the deities Shiva and Parvati. She gives blessings beauty and luxury. She is referenced in the Padma Purana, which narrates her story.

Is Kali daughter of Shiva?

Kali also embodies shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility – and is an incarnation of Parvati, wife of the great Hindu god Shiva.

Who is the wife of Lord Ganesh?

SiddhiGanesha was depicted as a householder married to Riddhi and Siddhi and the father of Santoshi Ma (Devanagari: संतोषी माँ), a new goddess of satisfaction, in the 1975 Hindi film Jai Santoshi Maa.

Why did Ganesha married Riddhi Siddhi?

On an auspicious day, Lord Ganesha married Riddhi and Siddhi. They have blessed two beautiful sons named Sabha and Kshema. His wives were his eternal powers. Riddhi means illumined mind, Siddhi means the attainment.

Who is the eldest son of Lord Shiva?

KartikeyaKartikeya is an ancient god, traceable to the Vedic era. Archaeological evidence from 1st-century CE and earlier, where he is found with Hindu god Agni (fire), suggest that he was a significant deity in early Hinduism….KartikeyaParentsShiva (father) Parvati (mother)SiblingsGanesha (brother)ConsortDevasena Valli15 more rows

Why Ganesh and Kartikeya Cannot stay together?

Parvati feels that Kartikeya is a yodha and he has a mayur vahan (peacock) too, whereas Ganesha has nothing. Nandi says that Ganesha will have to struggle a lot to compete with Kartikeya. Parvati feels that Ganesha is her son and he won’t accept his defeat so easily.

Who is father of Shiva?

BrahmaWho is the father of Lord Shiva? Brahma, through whose temple Shiva appeared. In the material world, Lord Shiva showed up in this path as portrayed in the Srimad Bhagavatam. At the outset, Brahma made four extraordinary sages named Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara.

Why Murugan has 2 wives?

Symbolism. The presence of the two consorts is said to denote the dual nature of Murugan, as the god of heaven and earth. Devasena, the celestial wife, is married in a traditional arranged marriage while the earthy Valli is won by Murugan, resulting in a love marriage.

Who is elder brother of Lord Ganesha?

KartikeyaThe family includes his brother, the god of war, Kartikeya, who is also called Skanda and Murugan. Regional differences dictate the order of their births. In northern India, Skanda is generally said to be the elder, while in the south, Ganesha is considered the firstborn.

How did Lord Shiva died?

Lord Shiva didn’t die & will not die. According to Durga Saptashati = Devi bhagavata, in the beginning this earth was drowned inside water. Lord Shiva broke the earth as 7 piece. Water went inside & land appeared.